Tea Party

Gino's love for his daughter Ashe knows no bounds, even when they disagree on wearing a tutu.

Storyboard made with Photoshop.

Out of Tune

When Rex starts annoying his friends with a mysterious song, they decide to take drastic measures until they find its origins.

Storyboard made with Photoshop.

Feeling Blue

Shiro, a white raccoon, is excluded from playing with the rest of the gang due to her color but it's not like she can't still play her own game.

Storyboard made with Photoshop.

Cucu's Last Stand

Cucu tries his hand at stand-up comedy but with a little help from his friends he gets more than he could bargain.

The Getaways

Flame is saved from a tornado from a mysterious girl but he never said "thanks!"

The Big Blue

Sempai Jr. and the gang have to think of a way to get Yatsuba's butt of their delicious food and it's almost time for dinner!

Check out the final animation below!

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MC: Give it up for the comedy stylings of Cucu! *light applause*